Declassifying the Responsible Disclosure of the Prompt Injection Attack Vulnerability of GPT-3

Disclosed 05/03/2022. Declassified 09/22/2022.

If you'd like to cite this research, you may cite our paper preprint on arXiv here:

What is Prompt Injection?

The definitive guide to prompt injection is the following white paper from security firm NCC Group:
Exploring Prompt Injection Attacks by NCC Group (11 min read)

Prompt Injection has been in the news lately as a major vulnerability with the use of instruction-following NLP models for general purpose tasks. In the interest of establishing an accurate historical record of the vulnerability and promoting AI security research, we are sharing our experience of a previously private responsible disclosure which Preamble made on May 3rd, 2022 to OpenAI.

Art image

May 3,2022: The Discovery, and Immediate Responsible Disclosure


May 3,2022: OpenAI Confirms Receipt of Disclosure


May 4,2022: Provided Additional Examples


May 19,2022: Details Provided for Approaches to Mitigate the Risks


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