Our mission is to ensure artificial general intelligence (AGI) systems benefit society by operating ethically and safely. We believe that transparency and inclusion are crucial to building a better world. At Preamble, we work with organizations such as nonprofits and subject matter experts to be the arbiters of truth for decisions that AI systems can make.


There are multiple issues we are tackling. One problem is that algorithms are inherently blind to human values. Online platforms design their algorithms to show content people are more likely to engage with. Unfortunately, this can have unintentional consequences and may amplify harmful, polarizing, or morally outrageous content, which leads to more clicks, likes, or re-shares. The other issue is managing massive amounts of user-generated content without impacting free speech. The third issue is from AI-generated text, where biases and toxicity are inherited from the training data and exist in the output of chatbots or text generation services.


Preamble has developed a simple approach to address this social dilemma and steer AI systems. We provide platforms with the ability to incorporate more diverse values into their moderation and text generation decisions.

To build an inclusive and diverse ecosystem, we need assistance defining societal values, so platforms can be more enjoyable and promote healthy civil discourse. We will encode values to ensure platforms have diverse representation when making content decisions or controlling AI systems.

As our partners, you will be compensated for your efforts while also promoting the values your organization strives for!

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