Social media platforms design their algorithms to show content that people are more likely to engage with. When this works well, it is great. Unfortunately, when it doesn’t work, these systems can amplify harmful, polarizing, or morally outrageous content which inadvertently keeps us glued to our screens. To address this social dilemma, Preamble has developed a simple approach to put people back in the driver’s seat and let them leverage the power of AI in the way that suits them best.


The problem, at its core, is that algorithms are inherently blind to human values. We believe that the key to building a better digital world is transparency and inclusion. At Preamble, we are working with nonprofits and subject matter experts to digitally define ethical values for AI systems. Our mission is to ensure that AI supports and nurtures our better selves, helping us change the world and society for the better.


To build an inclusive ecosystem, we need assistance in defining values important to your organization. We will train machine learning models based on your definitions to ensure these values are represented in AI systems.

As our partners, you will not only be entitled to monetary compensation for your efforts, but this will also be an opportunity for your organization to promote the values it strives for!

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