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You can experience our ethical AI tech with our Beta Preamble Compass, a browser extension to control the content on websites to align with your moral values.
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Content Moderation

  • Democratized Content Moderation
  • Metaverse Moderation
  • Audio Moderation

Controlled Text Generation

  • Ethically Guided Chatbots
  • Steer AI Language Models
  • Intelligent NFTs

Custom Solutions

  • NLP or CV models
  • Ethics-based models
  • Ethics-based datasets
  • Speech-to-Text solutions
  • Text-to-Speech solutions
  • Moderation solutions


Machine Learning Platform with Human-in-the-Loop Adversarial Training for NLP Classifiers

Voice Chat Moderation

Our Voice Chat Moderation software can monitor multiple voice channels in near real time and issue penalties or temporarily mute the microphone of players who are repeatedly bullying other players.
In this demo, you can see the bullying/non-bullying scores in the overlay at the bottom of the screen.
Users who get multiple penalties within 30 minutes could have their microphone muted for a time-out period.

Gender-Neutral Voice Synthesizer for Inclusive Conversational AI

Current AI Detection Capabilities

Text and Audio Models

  • Cyberbullying/Harrasment
  • Gender Bias
  • Anti-LGBTQ+
  • Racism
  • General Toxicity
  • Islamophobia
  • Misogyny
  • Journalistic Qualities: Factual, Opinion, Low-Quality, & N/A

Visual-based Models

  • Dangerous Internet Challenges
  • Drugs
  • Weapons

Coming Soon!

See our pricing for current models or for custom model development.

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