Al-Bayan School is a not-for-profit organization which aims to provide good quality education to students at a reasonable cost. Partly funded by donors and partly by school students, Al-Bayan focuses on creating a dynamic learning environment rather than just focus on traditional education methods. Our highly qualified faculty, training workshops, activities, and volunteer classes have been designed in a way that goes beyond the classroom boundaries. Al-Bayan puts a lot of focus on teacher training and has a high number of regular volunteers who bring new ideas, teachings and exposure to its students. It is ensured that along with traditional subjects, students are also aware of social and environmental issues such as women empowerment and climate change. We are thankful to our donors and proud of ourselves to facilitate our little ones for their mental, intellectual and social development.


Our mission is to develop well rounded, confident, and responsible individuals who can compete and succeed in the ever-changing environment of the world.


Aim to provide greater accessibility to quality education for the less privileged.